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Prevent chronic diseases within your trucking company.

Decease healthcare costs due to diabetes, heart disease, obesity.

Increase retention of healthier and happier drivers.

Keep your fleet moving with our easy-to-integrate digital health platform.

Personalized chronic disease prevention built for truck drivers

We understand how difficult it can be for truck drivers to prioritize their health out on the road. From long days behind the wheel to sleeping in a different part of the country, the odds are stacked against them (and your health plan).

But what if we told you there was a way to fight back?

Offshift was built to help truck drivers prevent chronic diseases, such as diabetes or heart disease, anywhere they drive. From helping them find a primary care doctor out on the road to showing them how to exercise in the back of their truck to suggesting the healthiest options at any fast food restaurant, Offshift was built for your fleet.

exercise at home and build healthy habits

See What The Former President of The American Trucking Associations Has To Say:

“Offshift has built a “how to” roadmap for health, finally making it possible for 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States to get and stay healthy. Truck driver health and wellness today remains a tier one industry priority, as it has for decades. Healthy drivers cut down costs, mitigate risk, increase productivity, and guarantee commitments to safety while delivering our critical goods. Simply stated, an industry on duty for America 24/7/365 needs to be healthy. Offshift has created practical and proven solutions in real time for an industry that needs to solve a critical problem, today. I would recommend you kick their tires and put them to work for you!”
William Canary
William J. Canary
Former President and CEO American Trucking Associations

86% of all healthcare costs in the trucking industry are directly associated to chronic diseases.

Truck drivers have…

A life expectancy 16 years less than the average populations

The highest rates of obesity among all U.S. occupations.

The highest rates of diabetes among all U.S. occupations.

2x higher rates of hypertension compared to average U.S. worker.

Your company needs a solution that understands trucking.
Your employees need a solution that understands their lifestyle.

We work with entire supply chain – on the road, in the office, at the shop or warehouse

A personalized program

Your employees get a customized plan the helps them incorporate healthier habits, such as being more physically active or eating healthier, into their lifestyle. They lose weight and feel more energized with a program that fits their needs.

Dedicated 1-on-1 support

Each member partners with a health coach that understands their health and their lifestyle. Connect via text, phone call, or our app to ask questions, set goals, and more.

Easy to implement plan

With Offshift’s app, your employees can improve their health anytime, anywhere. Their plan will be designed so they don’t take a lot of time and perfectly fit into each person’s daily routine.

Offshift's 4 Pillars

Primary Care Relationship

50% of truck drivers do not have a primary care doctor – we are going to change that. We help each member establish a relationship with a primary care physician that they love, trust, and see on a regular basis – at least once a year for an annual physical, preventative screens, & blood work.

Medication Adherence

Staying consistent with your medication can be difficult out on the road. We help each driver we work with take their medication as prescribed with 100% compliance and consistency. If they have any issues, we navigate the healthcare system with them to get it adjusted.

Physical Activity

Being physically active out on the road can be tough. We personalize a plan for each member that they enjoy and can do anywhere, at anytime. From bodyweight exercises in the back of their truck to stretching routines while they’re fueling – we help every truck driver move more

Nutritional Habits

Our habit-based nutrition approach is designed to help truck drivers develop easy to do nutritional habits that create life changing results while on the road. Each member starts with one new habit and over time stacks new ones on top of each other (fits any diet or food preference)

Turnover rates aren’t getting better...

“The turnover rate was at a staggering 91 percent in 2019, which means that for every 100 people who signed up to drive, 91 walked out the door.” – American Trucking Associations

American Trucking Associations logo

Health-related time off is a major risk to your company's truck utilization rate...

“Employers lose 28.2 million workdays annually ($4.95 billion in lost income) due to chronic diseases” – Vuong et al

Playing the cat and mouse game of slightly higher pay doesn’t differentiate your company while recruiting...

What you pay your drivers is important. But It’s not everything. Give your drivers a health benefit that speaks to their lifestyle, improves their quality of life, and shows new driver leads that your company is different.

See what truck drivers have to say:

“Offshift understands the tough lifestyle of trucking and has different plans to accommodate that”
Blake Borek
Local Driver
“The program is worth every dollar. It's gotten me and several of my friends out of the truck or into the bunk to be more active. They've designed the plans for every shape, size, and weight of person! My energy levels have gone through the roof”
Ron Butler
OTR Driver
“I noticed progress today when I put on a pair of jeans that were tight a couple of weeks ago. Today, I needed a belt to hold them up! I'm noticing between the exercise and being more cautious of what I eat, the program is working really well for me!”
Kim Loescher
OTR Driver
“This program has been really useful for me. It helps me to keep moving and exercise inside the truck, so I don't have to worry about anything. The biggest benefit I've received is weight loss. It's an awesome tool in managing my Type 2”
Francisco Illoldi
Regional Driver
“I highly recommend Offshift to anyone that wants a better quality of life”
Ana Ochoa
OTR Driver
“I'm loving this program! I'm starting to feel good about myself and I think this is a great way for truckers to be more active and not feel so bogged down by the thought of working out.”
Maryann Johnson
Spouse of Driver That Rides Along
“Dr. Mark listened to my concerns and took baby steps helping me to regain some strength in my muscles, then slowly started to integrate exercises into my program. I still have a long way to go but I know with Mark's help and support I'll get there. Mark is determined to make a difference in the lives of drivers, and he already has for many.".”
Shelley Walker
Shelley Walker
Founder/CEO Women's Trucking Federation of Canada

Benefits of having healthier and happier drivers

Decreased healthcare costs

Decreased ER visits & Hospitalizations

Decreased failed DOT Physicals

Decreased missed days

Increased utilization of health benefits

Increase employee satisfaction

Increased retention

Increased safety

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