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There’s No Good or Bad Foods.

It can be very challenging with the flood of information out there to decide what foods are good for you and which are not.  It seems like one day a food is good and then news comes along and states the exact opposite.  With all of the different thoughts and ideas that we hear on social media and the news, sometimes it can be hard to know what we should believe. One common theme we hear all the time is people labeling foods as good or bad.  Carbs are bad for you. Fruits are good for you…. You get the point.  

Here’s how we want you to look at it: There’s no such thing as good or bad foods. Instead let’s group foods together as ones that we should “eat more” of and foods that we should “eat less” of. 

No one is arguing that there are foods that are lower calories or are more densely filled with nutrients, but does that mean they get labeled as “good” and you should only eat those? Not necessarily.  

In trying to make realistic changes to your diet, and not completely axing all the things you love, try this strategy. There are foods that we all know might not be the best for us, like chocolate cake for example. So, put chocolate cake in the “Eat Less” category. Eat it every once in a while, at a birthday party or a wedding, but don’t make it a nightly routine! Fill your other meals with some of those “Eat More” foods such as veggies and lean proteins like chicken.

It’s all about moderation and you DON’T have to be perfect to make progress! We are all human, remember that.  It is more realistic to make subtle changes as you dial in your nutrition than to make sweeping cuts that can be hard to live up to.

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