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fitness workouts for truck drivers

It's a Lifelong Journey

Many of you may be new to exercising.  So today we are going to cover some information to help you ease into this program. The goal is to be doing this program 6 months from now, 2 years from now, for a lifetime. You don’t have to be a hero day one.  The enthusiasm we get when we start a new journey is a great thing.  However, this is not the day to do as many reps as you can or burn yourself out.

Start easy, find your rhythm, and get through the first couple of weeks of workouts.  Make notes on what exercises were challenging and which exercises were fairly easy to get through. Then after you have a few workouts under your belt, you can begin to increase the intensity or how hard you are doing the workouts.  We want you to push and challenge yourself because we know you can do more than you think you can.

Muscle soreness that is experienced a day or so after exercise is normal.  This is one of the reasons that we stagger body parts and don’t overwork the same muscle group day after day.  

If you are sore, that’s not a good reason to not exercise.  We want you to find ways to modify your activities while still staying on the path.  If you are experiencing muscle soreness, find a way to adjust that day’s workout, but still get some form of activity or movement.  Here are some ways that you can modify:  Put slack on your resistance band.  Lower your intensity. Take a 20 min walk instead of doing your workout that day.  Perform some light stretching of the sore muscles. 

Continuing to move will help with muscle soreness.  Muscle soreness that is experienced the day after exercise will ease after your body gets used to your new exercise routine.

Many of you have chronic joint issues that you may have to work around.  It’s okay, we want you to still be able to exercise.  If your knees hurt, it doesn’t mean you can’t do the workout that day.  It just means that you may have to do a different exercise.  For example, if one leg exercise bothers your knee, find a different leg exercise that doesn’t hurt your knees and do it instead.  We want you to learn to modify.  Over the course of this program you will learn lots of different exercises for all the major muscle groups.  Be patient and open to trying different exercises.  Find ones that you enjoy!

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