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fitness workouts for truck drivers

X Marks The Spot

We have discussed consistency already, but consistency is so crucial that we need to touch on it again. Tracking your consistency can be a helpful tool to keep you on track and to motivate you to get your workout completed. The method we are going to implement today is called the X marks the spot.

You will need a calendar, either physical or on your phone, and if you are using  a physical calendar, you’ll need a pen, as well. Each day that you exercise,  go to that day on the calendar and you put a big red X across it. If you’re on your phone, you can do this right on our app! Click on the schedule tab then click on the workout you are going to do that day and select “Start Workout” From there, complete all of the exercise and on the last slide, click “Yes” to mark it as completed.  That’s it! At the end of each week reflect on how well you did.  Are you being consistent with your approach to daily exercise?  What factors are holding you back? How can you work around them and still keep your health as a priority to you?

At the end of each month, count how many X’s you marked down.  Compare that to your initial goal of days per week/month.  Are you on track?  Then, you can use this to help push you to become more consistent.  For example, if you hit 19 X’s this month, set your goal for 20 or 21 next month.  

This method is helpful to give you visual feedback about how well you are doing at being consistent and to help you set goals.  It provides another reason to stick with the program because you want to mark that X down!

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