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Exercise, Nutrition, & Accountability Coaching For Truck Drivers, Just Like You.

Your personalized roadmap to living a healthier life on the road!

Join the hundreds of truck drivers who have decided it was time to make a change!

Feel more energized

Get confidence back in your health

Prevent/Control your diabetes

Pass your DOT physical with ease

Save money on medical expenses

Retire on your own terms

Exercise & Eat Healthier Anywhere, At Anytime.

We understand that it’s hard to make your health a priority out on the road. From long days behind the wheel to sleeping in a different part of the country every night, the odds are stacked against you. But what if we told you there was a way to fight back?

Supply Chain Fitness’ TruckFit program was designed for that sole purpose. It was built for truck drivers. From workouts you can do in your truck to finding the healthiest options at any fast food restaurant, this program is for you.

Exercise on the road without the headache of finding a gym or buying extra equipment!

Get daily 5-20 minute workouts personalized to your current fitness level that can be done in or just outside of your truck (no gym or special equipment required)

truck driver exercising

Eat healthy on the road without spending extra money or going out of your way to find different food options!

Our habit-based nutrition program is designed to help you develop easy to do nutritional habits that create life changing results while on the road. You start with one new habit and over time stack new ones on top of each other (fits any diet preference)

nutritional advice for truck drivers

Personalized support and community built for the trucking lifestyle!

24/7 access to message your coach with any questions you have (no limit). Access to our positive community of drivers, just like you, ready to help you make this change. Weekly messages sent to you through our app to motivate, educate, and keep you accountable while on the road (we’re here to help you stick with this)

community for truck drivers
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Personalized exercise, nutrition, and accountability coaching to help you lose weight and live a healthier life on the road!


*Try it for half off for the first month

Start your journey today!

Lose Weight

You don’t have to change everything about your day to day life to lose weight on the road, we’ll show you how!

Pass DOT Physicals

Recertifying a medical card can be a scary time of the year…. With our TruckFit program, you can ease some of that stress!

Build Habits

Up to 40% of your daily actions are habits. You do them without thinking. We want to help your habits be healthy ones and improve your health over time!

Control Diabetes

Living with Diabetes out on the road is tough. We want to help you control your blood sugar and not stress out next time you see your A1C Level! 

Enjoy Life After Trucking

Time is money when you’re behind the wheel. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about your life after trucking. We want to help you make your health a priority without it cutting into your daily life as a driver. Maximize your career today without sacrificing your ability to enjoy retirement!

Hear what Jason has to say about TruckFit

"I didn't realize how out of shape I was. Just doing The TruckFit workouts, I thought they would be a piece of cake. Nope. I was out of breath and sweating! It's good for me. I also feel better during the day after doing them in the morning!"
Jason Webber
Truck Driver


SCF has an assortment of personalized health and fitness programs built for each of your employees. Dr. Mark Manera and his team developed each program with the goal of helping anyone exercise and eat healthier anywhere, at anytime. Each program offers personalized workouts, habit based nutrition coaching, and the accountability each member needs to achieve their goals.

SCF has programs designed for every employee at your organization. Our TruckFit program is built for professional drivers. Our OfficeFit is designed for dispatchers and other office staff. ShopFit is for mechanics. DCFit for your employees in the warehouse.

Dr. Mark Manera, SCF’s founder, is a board certified Physical Therapist. He saw firsthand what a lifetime of trucking can do to a person’s body, while rehabbing drivers in a physical therapy clinic. From this experience, Dr. Mark founded Supply Chain Fitness. His mission was to show the supply chain that your career shouldn’t define your health. SCF’s coaching staff also includes a Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainers, and Health Coaches.

No equipment needed! Through our membership, we will give every member all the equipment their need, along with video & written instructions on how to perform every exercise.

Success Stories

Thank you for your service!

To thank you for all that you have sacrificed for this country, we would like to offer anyone who is an active or retired member of the military, a 30% discount off of our program. 

Email us at mark@thetruckingfitness.com and we will send you a discount code!

Get Started today!

Learn more about our TruckFit and how Supply Chain Fitness can help you become a better version of yourself.