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Fitness for the Entire Supply Chain

Increase retention. Reduce risk of claims.

Differentiate yourself while recruiting.

All while developing healthier and happier employees.

Personalized exercise, nutrition, and accountability coaching for every employee at your company.

From drivers to office staff, our diverse programs are built around the day to day life of each employee. Our goal is to meet each member where they are at and give them the ability to exercise and eat healthier anywhere, at anytime.


Unhealthy drivers are a risk to your company's bottom line.

Turnover rates aren’t getting better...

“The turnover rate was at a staggering 91 percent in 2019, which means that for every 100 people who signed up to drive, 91 walked out the door.” – American Trucking Associations

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Soft tissue injuries and work comp claims are a major risk to your company...

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“In 2019, Truck drivers had the second highest number of private industry occupational injuries and illnesses. (5.4% of total in the United States)” – Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor

Playing the cat and mouse game of slightly higher pay doesn’t differentiate your company enough while recruiting...

What you pay your drivers is important. But It’s not everything. Improving your drivers’ quality of life and providing benefits that encourages them to be engaged with your organization helps build that driver loyalty and shows new potential drivers that you’re thinking about your fleet outside of where their next load is at.

How the SCF Difference Works?

Step #1: Promote

After partnering with your company, our team will create a personalized promotional plan to market this new benefit to your employees. We personalize the plan based on how and where you typically communicate with your team. This kickstarts the onboarding process, while giving your employees an easy starting point to join!

Step #2: Onboard

Our onboarding process is crucial. Each member gets a one-on-one onboarding call with a SCF coach. This helps our coaches build a relationship with each of your employees, while making sure they get a program designed for their goals, lifestyle, and current fitness level.  

Step #3: Coach Your Team

Everyday, your employees will receive new workouts and nutrition tips directly through our app on their phone. But that alone isn’t coaching. They also will have 24/7 access to message a coach with any questions they have. And we will continue to build that coaching relationship through sending each member a weekly check-in text message to hold them accountable to their goals and aspirations.

Step #4: Educate

Our mission is to shift the culture of health and fitness at each organization we partner with. We understand that health and wellness is a personal decision for each of your employees. So, we continually provide monthly educational tips and tricks to your employees who haven’t joined the program. This helps get the conversation started and gives them an easy entry point to join when they are ready!

Benefits of having healthier and happier drivers

Increased retention

Decreased health premiums

More focused employees

Less failed DOT Physicals

Decreased work comp claims

Increase employee satisfaction

Better company culture

Safer fleets

Drivers take control of YOUR health today!

Supply Chain Fitness’ TruckFit program was designed for that sole purpose. It was built for truck drivers. From workouts you can do in your truck to finding the healthiest options at any fast food restaurant, this program is for you.

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See What The Former President of The American Trucking Associations Has To Say:

“Supply Chain Fitness has built a “how to” roadmap for health and wellness finally making it possible for the 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States to get and stay healthy. Truck driver health and wellness today remains a tier one industry priority as it has for decades. Healthy drivers mitigate risk, increase productivity, and guarantee commitments to safety while delivering our critical goods. Simply stated, an industry on duty for America 24/7/365 needs to be healthy. Supply Chain Fitness has created practical and proven solutions in real time for an industry that needs to solve a critical problem, today. I would recommend you kick their tires and put them to work for you!”
William Canary
William J. Canary
Former President and CEO American Trucking Associations


SCF has an assortment of personalized health and fitness programs built for each of your employees. Dr. Mark Manera and his team developed each program with the goal of helping anyone exercise and eat healthier anywhere, at anytime. Each program offers personalized workouts, habit based nutrition coaching, and the accountability each member needs to achieve their goals.

SCF has programs designed for every employee at your organization. Our TruckFit program is built for professional drivers. Our OfficeFit is designed for dispatchers and other office staff. ShopFit is for mechanics. DCFit for your employees in the warehouse.

Dr. Mark Manera, SCF’s founder, is a board certified Physical Therapist. He saw firsthand what a lifetime of trucking can do to a person’s body, while rehabbing drivers in a physical therapy clinic. From this experience, Dr. Mark founded Supply Chain Fitness. His mission was to show the supply chain that your career shouldn’t define your health. SCF’s coaching staff also includes a Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainers, and Health Coaches.

No equipment needed! Through our membership, we will give every member all the equipment their need, along with video & written instructions on how to perform every exercise.

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